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Tunnel Light is a group of Child Advocates working in the state of Arizona, Maricopa County. We can and have if need be go statewide but for the most part we work in the Phoenix area. 

    Our Advocates work in many areas, In some things Tunnel Light Advocates are the only ones in the state dealing with these many problems. All the Advocates working in the Tunnel Light Organization have had Mental Illness in their family. In many cases the knowledge learned from us is than put to use to help others. You see we know first hand what you and yours are going through, how you feel and what you have spent many a night thinking about. It is this feeling of dark helplessness that we have all been in and know what it is like to walk out of the dark into the light. There is hope and there is help. 

    In getting help for our own families we have learned thorough the school of hard knocks. Understanding Educational Law can be overwhelming. Doing all you know to do to get Mental Health Services, In this state has proven it to be a nightmare. Let’s not forget keeping the services you have. The Court systems can be and are mind boggling. Tunnel Light has the only Advocates who have been Judicially Appointed Mental Health Specialist. Few things can compare to having a child dealing with Sexual Identity and diversity issues. The area of cults and the dark world of the occult can shake a family’s foundation to the core. 

    Tunnel Light can help you deal with all of these issues. It is our goal to Empower Parents through Knowledge. You see many families have more than just one problem it is a host of them and one feeds the others. Help is here just for the asking. At the very least we will find someone to help you and your family. Fear  of the unknown can be a horrible thing. Let us end your fear, reach out for help, one little E-mail will start you on the road to learn you are not alone.

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