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Reactive Attachment Disorder
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Tunnel Light works with children diagnosed with many different mental health diagnoses. Our clients represent the gambit of the listed issues of the DSMIV. We assist in obtaining services for every realm of need that comes to a child living with these needs.

Tunnel Light has over the past few years been working with several clients diagnosed with a disorder called Reactive Attachment Disorder. This is a rare but devastating disability. Most of these children with Attachment issues have adopted homes. There are a few cases that are with their biological parents.

Tunnel Light has been working to set up services for these children in the Phoenix Metro area. We are also working with several foster group home facilities to train staff in handling children with this diagnosis with out feeding the pathology of the disorder. They are in the interim of purchasing a home to use.

Families raising children with these special needs strive with enormous cost, many insurance companies do not cover the services necessary. State services are hard to obtain, however do-able. Value Options of Arizona is now serving this population with in the State. The agency Christian Family Care has been appointed as one of the facilities treating RAD.

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