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Let me start this page by telling you that if you are looking to learn about how to get into this world or learn how to make this world work for you go look at someone else’s site. 
You will not find anything here about how to make Magick, or how to perform rituals.  What you will find is information on how to tell if you have a problem. 
If you know you have a problem
e-mail me.  I will do all that I can to help you and your family work through this.

So you think that your kid maybe walking in the world of the darkside.  Not sure but you are seeing some strange changes in your child.  You need to know if you got a major problem on your hands.  Before you go any further into this page you will need to take a look at the Red Flag list.  This is a list of 42 things that have shown to be warning signs and symptoms to parents of their child’s involvement in the occult/cult world.  We have put this list on a stand-alone page so you can print a copy.  To view this list, just point your mouse and click Red Flag list.

You are about to enter a world to you that will seem strange.  A place where logical and rational thoughts don’t fit.  Your personal religious beliefs are going to be tested to the point of breaking.  Many things for you will make no sense.  Dealing with your own fear is going to turn you upside down.  It is a must that you understand that just because you don’t believe in this world, many people do.  Recognize the fact that your child believes.  People will live and die for their beliefs. Please don't get caught up in a Satanic Panic.

You will need to understand that here in the USA we have freedom of religion.  This is known as the first amendment.  It reads:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” what that means is it is not illegal to worship the devil or practice negative witchcraft.  However many of the things they do in the practice of their beliefs can be illegal. These range from trespassing all the way to murder.

We have checked on these links and find them unbiased in their content

Let me break down the definitions of occult and cult.  Occult: is the secret knowledge of actions and /or rituals connected to supernatural beliefs and supernatural powers.  Cult:  supports a religious belief system that deviates strongly from the faiths accepted by mainstream society.  Some religions are difficult to put into one of these areas.  Many times I have been ask why?  The answer is always different; it just depends on the religion they are following.  As to what the end goal is for them, I must break it down this way. 

For Neo-pagan groups, these are groups that are nature-based.  They strive to become one with nature and the universe.  
Wiccan Rede (Old English for rule) and reads: 
"An (if) it harm none, do as ye Will" .
Books to read Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland he has 20+ books to his credit

With satanic and Afro-Caribbean groups the desire and main goals are power and control.  The power to control their individual world and to control the world around them and those in it.  They seek to gain control of the gods.  In Authoritarian groups, members are seeking eternal salvation and usually give up their independent will to the leader so they can be guided to a Promised Land.  They give control to the gods.

Are you still with me?  Go-slow give your self some time to take this all in.  For most people this goes against   everything they were brought up to believe in.  I cannot stress this next step you need to take enough. 
Room search.  You are going to have to search you kids room.  Many people this is invading the kid space.  It may be but who pays the bills for that space.  It is your home and your kids have no right to bring things into your home that you do not approve of.  What are you looking for?  Take a look at books your looking for books on witchcraft, anything by Antone Lavey, or Aleister Crowley.  (More on these two later)  I would also listen to the type of music you child is into.  Blank CD's or what seem to blank "no label may have things on them with no labels, this goes for VHS tapes CD's and DVD's as well.  Black and red candles or powders can also be clues.  I could list things forever you are just going to have to look at everything.  Make sure to look behind posters or mirrors, inside shoes and coat pockets.  In the end what does it all mean?  This is the hard part it may mean everything and may mean nothing.  If your kid has a computer you need to check out your history and what they are doing on the web.  E-mail our web master for help if you do not know how to do this.  For all your questions please e-mail me, I will do all I can to help you get to the bottom of it.

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