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Updated 02-01-15  

WOW!!! Another year passes us all by. I must say I am happy to see 2001 close. I have high hope that 2002 will bring us all closure to what proved to be a challenging year for many families and allow Service Providers to be more responsive to the needs of our children. Tunnel Light served 4572 families year 2001.

2002 is going to be a difficult year to obtain services for our children, some days of late I have to remind myself this is not the early 80’s and 90’s. Please hang in there, when the Country is in hard times everyone suffers through, Providers seem to be a little less willing to work through all of the needs of services our children need. Patience is the biggest need in these low cash times. I hope the recession does not last long and things will return to better than the way they were. I guess we all need the hard times to appreciate the good. Stay tough, consistent, knowledgeable, and be tenacious. Make up a plan before you request services. I hope that we can all obtain the best it can be for now.

 ………………..hugs, Kelly

Updated 00-12-25

     Hello Everyone,

     Yeah, good news. Our non-profit 5013 finally arrived this month (December, 2000). We can now begin accepting grants and funding. This has been a long waiting period, 11 months to obtain this wonderfully welcome document. This will allow us to do the things we hope for the children who so desperately need us to help them.

     We have also brought aboard a wonderful organization; Blue Knight Enterprises

     Blue Knight is a organization that catches the store keeps that chooses to sell Alcohol to minors of all ages. They will assist us with our children buying booze; hopefully if we can stop the stores from selling we can better manage this difficult problem in self-medicating minors.

 ………………..hugs, Kelly




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